About Kerr

Kerr Fellows is an experienced art director/designer/stylist.
An Alabama native, Kerr is inspired by the lights, architecture
and language of the city — loving the juxtaposition of the refined
and the raw. She finds delight in bakeries, has a penchant for
packaging, an ear for oldies music and an intrigue with Salinger's
Caulfield. She collects postcards, is inspired by townhouse interiors,
and would never leave her apartment without her planner.

Since starting her career in New York City, she excels in articulating
brands and seeing opportunities in constraints, and believes in
creating experiences that are not only beautiful, but also meaningful.
She seeks pleasure in organization and reward in simplification.
Since graduating North Carolina State's College of Design, Kerr has
worked at a magazine, designed for a boutique firm and led a team
at an agency. Her work has been recognized by Print, AIGA, The Art
Directors Club, Metropolis, and Interior Design.

When Kerr isn't making a to-do list, she enjoys working with a variety
of industry and not-for-profit clients in the fields of visual merchandising,
product design, identities & branding, retail environments, packaging,
publications, correspondence, and collateral.


About Tensaw
Merging with the Mobile River, the Tensaw river flows into the Mobile
Bay by Kerr's hometown at the southernmost tip of Alabama.

Map of Tensaw River

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